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Data loss when applying concurrentWrites and keepFileOpen



Consider following scenario.
  1. I am starting 5 applications logging 30,000 messages each.
  2. I am expecting 1,50,000 messages at the end in the log files. Applications are sharing the same log file destination.
  3. I am leveraging concurrentWrites = true and keepFileOpen = true. Now the problem is, we are not getting 1,50,000 messages logged at the end.
We have around 1,30,000 messages and other messages are lost. I am closing all applications once all logs are written to the file and I am also calling LogManager.Flush(); at the end.

Are we missing any configuration here? Attached is my configuration.
Any help in this direction would be great!


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johnnyjob wrote Dec 4, 2013 at 11:23 AM

And try to remove your log file manually - you'll see new log messages are not logged anymore, until you restart a process. I reproduced it in NLog 2.0 and in 2.1 in a test application, but feel too lazy to post a new issue here because other issues I posted haven't been addressed for months.